online dating statistics : Individual females around rochester, new york

Company database sales and employee figures at a glance. Are there typical ages in which users register? Women in particular are disappointed with dating. Then there are those who have enjoyed themselves long enough and think about family. Then you look around for something serious.

This is run as a real project, often around New Years. We see a dramatic increase in the numbers in the platforms at the beginning of the year. And then there are women over 35, you can see from their environment that family is important now and the job is not everything.

See grafic. Women try even more than men to optimize to get the perfect partner. For about ten years now, we have had even more university graduates than graduates. And not all educated men are looking for educated women, but rather attractive women with less education too. The resource “educated man” is becoming scarce.

While there are seven percent more university graduates in Germany, there are 35 percent – with a fundamental impact on the dating culture. Finally, we would also like to contrast the qualitative side of online partner formation with that in real life.

Does a couple who met at the bar really go well together? Or is the probability of a long and happy relationship much higher if a couple met through an online dating agency? Here we can only speculate. A couple who meets at the bar for the first time don’t know anything about each other at first. The first impression counts here, the chemistry, so to speak. Even if this first impression is very important, it can still be assumed that after a short time the moment of disillusionment can set in.

Online couples tend not to have this problem. There the first real meeting is the critical moment. If the couple finds each other sympathetic in real life, then almost nothing can go wrong later, because all other criteria have already been weighed and discussed in advance.

In doing so, most of them come from Ukraine and Russia are not looking for high-quality partners, we can offer them.

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